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Kal Online News & Events
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KAL Online events for inactive and new users

Kal Online is a Korean fantasy MMORPG by developer Inixsoft powered by the Lineage II game engine. It is free to play and features three basic gender specific jobs, Knight (male character), Archer, and Magician (both female characters). Characters have branching job trees and different specialties.

Storyline revolves around oriental myth. The game also boasts of three quest categories by order of difficulty: Tasks, Events, and Missions. Kal Online Geons also has an Ancient Animals Transformation feature where players raise eggs of ancient animals to adulthood. Players would be able to transform into the animal and raise their stats.

Kal Online Geons is hosting events for sleeping (inactive) players and brand new players. The said events would run for three weeks from January 3 to 23. Here are the mechanics:

Summons of new accounts: Open to 1,000 new users joining Kal Online Geons during event period

Rules: New users must be recommended by users above level 40. The recommended new users must reach level 30 during event period. Characters can recommend as many users as they want but only 1 character per account can be recommended.

How: Talk to "Recommendation" NPC in Narootuh and recommend new users. Then the Recommender enters the new user's character name (Character recommended should be created during event period). Upon reaching level 30, new users can claim the cash item by talking to "Recommendation" NPC. (Cash items will be provided first-come first served basis).

Summons of sleeping accounts - is open to inactive accounts (1000 accounts each from servers Hanin and Naraeha) that haven't logged in the game for 30 days or more the first day of the event period.

Rules: Inactive account's character should be over level 20, even a character below level 20 can still qualify by reaching level 20 during the event period. Only 1 character per account is qualified for event.

How: Talk to "Summons of Sleeping Accounts" NPC in Narootuh and get cash items, if you are qualified for requirement. (Cash items will be provided first-come first served basis.)

Event will be updated after the scheduled server maintenance.

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