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Kal Online Game Overview

Game Overview
KAL Online is a fantasy MMORPG Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game by Inixsoft. 

Kal Online players adventure the game world defeating monsters and collecting loot. Experience points are earned for each defeated monster. After the character has accumulated enough EXP they will gain a new level and will receive one skill point and five stat points. Players can create a party to play in groups in which case experience points earned will be distributed between all members of the group.

Character classes
Kal Online Geons Players have 3 character classes to choose from

Archer: The Archer is a quick agile ranged attack specialis. Archers can melee as well but are not as efective. An archers primary stat attribute is Agility

Knight: Knights are sword wielding masters who rely on brute power and strength to attack enemies. They deal the lightest damage of the 3 classes however their quick attacks and ability to sustain alot of damage more than make up for it. At level 50 they can use two handed swords which will greatly increase their damage output. A Knights primary stat attribute is Strength and Health

Mage: Kal Online Geons Mage's use their magic to attack or heal. Mages devoted to healing are vulnerable until they reach level 50 while those devoted to offensive magic are strong dealing out massive damage. The mages primary stat attributes are Intelligence and Wisdom
Character are able to learn new jobs as they gain levels and complete the appropriate quests. This allows them to have new skill points which are stronger than the previous.
Level 30 Jobs
Archers are promoted to Apprentice Archers
Knights are promoted to Apprentice Knights
Mages are promoted to Scholar Magicians
Level 50 Jobs

Archers are promoted to Expert Archer or Imperial Commander
Knights are promoted to Vagabond Swordman or Commander
Mages are promoted to Hermit or Chairperson of Joong-Bang

Character Stats

Strength - Improves physical attack damage output
Health - Increases maximum Health points
Intelligence : Improves the magical Attacks
Wisdom - Increases maximum magic points
Agility - Increases Evasion Point and On Target Points (accuracy)

As with many MMORPG, Kal Online Geons provides players with quests. Some quests are mandatory for job change. Players are often rewarded after completing each quest. Rewards come in the form of items, experience points or skill points. KAL-Online quests are divided into three categories:

Tasks - Tasks are usually the easiest or shortest which typically involves killing a certain number of enemies or collecting items. Rewards for completing a Task quest are money, items, equipment, skill points or experience points.

Events - Event quests are typically harder and take longer to complete than task quests but offer better rewards. Currently there are four events which must be completed in order gain new jobs. Completing the fourth quest allows the character to access the more advanced jobs.

Missions - Mission quests are the hardest quests and are designed to be completed by groups of players.

Ancient Animals and Transformation
After reaching level 15 and completing the appropriate quest Kal Online Geons players are given an ancient animal to raise and take care of. Commonly known as an 'egg' layers raise the ancient animals from eggs to adulthood by killing monsters of equal level or higher. The Animal also grants bonuses to the character's statistics depending on the type and level of the animal. When the egg reaches levels 11, 21, and 31, it will gain the ability to transform the player into a young, adult, or ancient animal, respectively. When this transformation is used the character's physical form changes, along with statistical increases and the ability to use special moves, at the cost of "Rage", a bar which is filled by attacking enemies.

Ancient Bird - Grants Intelligence, Agility, and Health plus magic spall bonuses
Ancient Tiger - Grants Strength, Health, and Agility plus bonuses to melee combat
Ancient Panther - Grants Agility, Health, and Strength plus faster overland speed

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