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Kal-Online Basic Info2

Kal-Online, brings a new genre of Oriental Fantasy to the players.

Kal Online Geons has oriental sentiment and culture in a fantasy world. Most current games based on western fantasy,SF,etc.But Kal Online Geons can make the players to have a new experience.The story of Kal Online Geons is based on oriental myth about the 74th war between Ha-Nin,the great king and Ban-Go who challenged to the king with troops of demon.Kal Online Geons will be a model of oriental
fantasy game;it represents the oriental sentiment well

EXP: Character?s exp. bar.
When the lower gauge is full, the upper gauge increased by one and getting 10 boxes means level-up.
MP: Character?s magic point.
HP: Character?s health health point.
Compass: The ball of compass always points to the north.
Info. Window of the Target: Displays currently targeted enemy?s name and its health info.
Menu Window: Displays character?s info./invent./skills/party/mission/map and changes game setting.
Quick Slots: Registers the skills that are used often
Message Window: Depends the type of the message, its color is different.
Chatting Window: Displays normal chatting in white and whisper in blue and sets the option of display. 

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Located in northwest, has western sea and the Geumo mountain is on northeast.
The road to the southeast is to the capital, Chunggoo. The Geumo mountain has plenty of steel and it?s the biggest mine in naraeha so the city is developed with steel industry. Grumoryung is connected to Highland of Sky and Chungsong to the north and it?s also connected to the capital Chunggoo to the south. 

Area of Chungsong

This is the place that the big battle is taken between the troop of Bango and it?s famous with the thick pine-grove.

But after big fire from the war, it?s hard to say it?s a pine-grove.
By the long war, the supplies from Naraeha is decreased but civilian force is taken the place of it. The popular unit is the one that called Chungsong- unit which is organized with only women.

Highland of Sky
Highland of Sky holds sacred and it?s called the nest of the crow. People in Geumoryung never go to Highland of Sky because they believe that if people go there, they get curse from the Golden Crow.
The golden crow is a general agent of God and people in Geumoryung hold it sacred. The golden crow is the symbol of a good harvest and peace for the people of Geumoryung.
However, if the golden crow is subject to the evil resulting from breaking the taboo of uncleanness by artificial stuffs, the peace becomes chaotic for three years by the curse of the golden crow

A river runs in the middle of the village and Chun Mountain is on north east of Chunggoo, the capital of Naraeha.

The castle of Chunggoo is big and wide; it?s from the upper reaches of the river to the mountain ridge so it?s a huge natural fortress. It?s also a good location for transportation by using the river; it connects the northern part to the south part of the nation.

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