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Kal Online Interview With Andrea

The story of "Kal Online" is based on oriental myth about the 74th war between Ha-Nin ,the great king and "Ban-Go" who challenged to the king with troops of demon. "Kal Online" will be a model of oriental fantasy game; it represents the oriental sentiment well.

I am glad to have this interview with Andrea, mamager of overseas marketing department in INIXSOFT, he talks much about Kal Online.

MMOsite.com: Would you mind introducing yourself first? How many people are working on Kal Online Geons now?

Andrea: Firstly, I am Andrea. Oh, manager of overseas marketing department in INIXSOFT, dealing with everything involved in overseas business, such as publishing contract, promotional activities, research market trend, marketing statistics and so on. For more about me, please visit http://www.linkedin.com/in/andreaoh. We currently have 32 employees working on Kal-online, consisting of development and customer service, computer graphic teams from total 60 workers in INIXSOFT.

MMOsite.com: When did you start to develop Kal Online? What inspired you to make such an oriental culture themed game?

Andrea: We started development of Kal Online Geons in 2003 and in the beginning of development of Kal-online, we focused on developing absolutely different game from ordinary MMO available at that time because of people being tired of same theme and story
For this reason, we made up our mind to develop Kal online which aiming oriental fantasy game

MMOsite.com: If you were asked, what would you say makes Kal Online Geons a special game?

Andrea: We are very proud that Kal online is an oriental fantasy game, while most of other MMO are based on western fantasy story. In fact, MMO users are used to western fairy story somewhat. Not only high quality graphics but sound also important is, however, we think unique game story makes a big difference. Personally, I hope our users would have chance to know about oriental fantasy by playing Kal online.

MMOsite.com: There are a lot of Korean MMO games on the European & American market, why did you decide to bring Kal Online Geons into this market?

Andrea: We are currently providing Kal-online to our users with international servers, which means that our target audience is not limited and all users that have internet connection can player our game anywhere in the world. But it is necessary for us to look for local publishers in specific countries to provide with better service by localizing our game in that country. Currently we have 2 local publishers in Korea and China. Some business with local publisher in other countries is still in progress.

MMOsite.com: What age group and diversity of people is playing the game?

Andrea: Our user??s age range is from teenagers to 30??s. Especially, we have many users from European countries and US, Asian counties as well. It is surprising that so many users from western countries, even though our games are based on oriental fantasy.
This is what many other Korean developers should consider when developing the game.

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